Budapest Parliament Walking Tour

Come and discover one of the most important monuments of the city on a Budapest Parliament Walking Tour.

It is the third largest parliamentary palace in the world, located in the middle of the city center. The palace showcases all its neo-gothic beauty to all visitors who come to see the city of Budapest.

With your local guide you will immerse yourself in this Budapest Parliament Walking Tour to discover this fascinating palace, which has attracted thousands of people for years, and where the famous and sacred crown of Hungary and other important objects that belonged to the Hungarian kings such as the sword, the scepter and the globe crucigero are kept.

The structure stretches along the Danube River, and is usually the first attraction you notice as soon as you arrive in the city, thanks to its grandeur that strikes anyone and the fascinating architecture of which it is structured.

During your Budapest Parliament Walking Tour you will have the opportunity to visit the beautiful seating room, the purely decorated central staircase, the wonderful vaulted hall and much more.

Let your local guide tell you about the history of the Parliament, and how the architect who designed the structure of the palace took the Palace of Westminster (now London’s parliament). As his inspiration, you will experience this as an addition to your cultural background.

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