Transylvania Castles Guided Tour

Get to know Transylvania, the most important tourist destination in Romania, and the main castles of the country by joining the Transylvania Castles Guided Tour. Meet the local guide and get ready to discover Transylvania, the most important region of Romania, through its main stops such as Peles Castle, Bran Castle (better known as Dracula Castle) and the historical city of Brasov. The Transylvania Castles Guided Tour includes the visit to the Castle of Peles, which is the summer residence of the royal family. Built in German neo-Renaissance style, the castle was inaugurated in 1883 at the behest of King Charles I. It is considered one of the most important castles in Europe and it is the first castle to be illuminated with electric light. Once inside you will see its 160 rooms and marvel at Murano glass chandeliers and frescoes. The highlight of the guided tour is Bran Castle or better known as the Castle of Dracula. The Bran Castle is well known for the legends and myths that are told about it. The most famous legend is that of the bloody prince, also known as Count Dracula. Get to know the “capital of Transylvania”, the medieval city of Brasov. Together with your professional local guide you will know the second important city of Romania.

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