Berlin Third Reich Walking Tour

Visit Berlin with Evolved Guide, get to know the city better by choosing to participate in a Berlin Third Reich Walking Tour with a certified local guide. Today it is almost difficult to believe that Berlin, such a free and creative city, was once the capital of the Third Reich. Where did the austere palaces where the hierarchs at the top disposed of the destinies of entire nations? Where the triumphal avenues on which the Nazis marched with hooked crosses? Did the bombs of the Second World War reallyerase everything? Follow us on this journey through Berlin and its memory, along the scars of a past still difficult to accept. Together with our guides you will retrace all the phases of the rise of National Socialism, the foundation of the Third Reich and its final catastrophe, but above all you will see with your own eyes the places where the events that have markedour history forever happened. We will see where the ministries of power of the Nazi repression were located and wewill pass the Reichstag, which saw the beginning and end of Hitler‘s dictatorship. In Tiergarten, in front of the Victory Column, we will talk about the ambitious Germany project, while at the Soviet War Memorial we will find out what is left instead of real Germany: heaps of rubble and deaths. At the moment, we will face one of the most atrocious aspects of the Nazi political program for the victims of Aktion T4. In the German Resistance Memorial we will analyze the Walkiria Operation. Potsdamer Platz, Anhlter Banhnof and the Topography of Terror, will show us the scars left by the bombing. An itinerary that investigates the past with great attention to reflect on our present. Especially for those who want to find out how they want and when they want, the city, Evolved Guide offers a variety of guided tours for families, individuals or groups to choose from so that you can ensure that your experience is exactly what you have always dreamed. On our Evolved Guide platform, Berlin Third Reich Walking Tour is customized by each of our tourist guides: for itineraries, duration and offer prices. Search among the proposals and choose a tourist guide for you! Come back with a unique experience of a Berlin Third Reich Walking Tour together with your Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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