Bergamo Walking Tour

Come and discover the city of Bergamo by joining the Bergamo Walking Tour.

Discover, together with a local guide of Evolved Guide, how the city is structured, being split in two: lower city and upper city.

By choosing the Bergamo Walking Tour you will have the opportunity to visit both of them by taking a walk in the city center with one of our local guide, discovering the most important monuments and squares such as the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, a magnificent Romanesque building that time has embellished, and then the Colleoni Chapel, the funeral monument of one of the most important condottieri of the fifteenth century and Piazza Vecchia, the good living room of the city, overlooked by prestigious historical buildings including the Reason’s Palace.

Bergamo offers so much to see to its visitors and with a walking tour of the city. You won’t miss the famous 16th century Venetian walls, declared World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 2017, from which you can admire a splendid panorama over the whole city.

Choose Evolved Guide, the only platform where the Bergamo Walking Tour in Bergamo is customised by our tour guides. Choose the tour depending on the itinerary, duration, departure time, price and offers. Evaluate the various proposals of our tour guides and choose the option that’s right for you! Come home with a unique memory of the private tour of Bergamo thanks to the EvolvedGuide Authorized Private Guide.

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