Barcelona Barrio Gothic Walking Tour

How to understand and explore the alleys and beauties of Barcelona? Evolved Guide has the right solution for you. Choose a Barcelona Barrio Gothic Walking Tour with a certified expert guide and cross the narrow streets and streets typical of the Roman structure, finding yourself in front of majestic Gothic churches and Roman walls of the 1st century. B.C.

The Gothic Quarter is not only the center of Barcelona but also the beating heart of the Catalan capital, as well as a fundamental point of political and religious life.

An ideal Barcelona Barrio Gothic Walking Tour for lovers of ancient, medieval, Roman history and for all those who want to become ladies, knights, squires and kings for a day, identifying themselves in a court life and within an intimate and grotesque atmosphere.

You will need a very detailed tourist guide of streets, squares, buildings and churches to get to know the most beautiful neighborhood in Barcelona.

Do you believe in fairy tales? With this Barcelona Barrio Gothic Walking Tour you will have the opportunity to be part of it and perhaps this square is the right scenario to begin to believe it.

Choose a Barcelona Barrio Gothic Walking Tour from one of our certified guides of Evolved Guide and you can enjoy an extravagant and fascinating story that each local guide has customized for you!

Choose the tourist guide that’s right for you.

Come back with a unique and unforgettable experience of a Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide!

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