Ancient Alba Fucens Guided Tour

Evolved Guide offers all archaeology and history lovers the opportunity to book a Ancient Alba Fucens Guided Tour with a professional tour guide, to discover this tresaure hidden in the countryside of Avezzano. Located at the foot of Monte Velino, Alba Fucens was founded as an oppidum by the Aequi, a warlike population of Ancient Italy that for several times hindered the expansion of Rome, and after the Roman conquest turned to be the main city of Roman Abruzzo. You local expert guide will bring to life the ruins of Alba Fucens, the most impressive archaeological site of Abruzzo, giving you a day trip in the history you will not regret! Wander through the Roman city, perfectly preserved as it was in imperial times: you can still walk along the cobbled roads with their shops (the tabernae), the Forum where political functions were carried out, the baths where Romans used to spend hours. And then the still working Roman Amphitheatre, the market, the stunning aqueduct, rich houses and temples decorated by precious mosaics! Everything is still here, bearing witness to the richness and wealth of Alba Fucens, a roman colony among the most important ones in Italy, involved in the main events of Rome’s history. In Medieval times, on the ruins of the temple of Apollo, the Church of St. Peter was erected: explore the interiors of rare beauty with your local expert guide guide and discover the mosaics, the marbles of the pulpit, the ancient stones from Roman times reused in its walls. On Evolved Guide each guide has personalized his/her Ancient Alba Fucens Guided Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating different routes you can choose from with different durations, dates, departure times and prices. Pick from the list below the one you prefer the most and enjoy your travel back in time! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!    

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