Auschwitz Concentration Camp Guided Tour

Discover the Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Oswiecim, city of Poland, by joining the Auschwitz Concentration Camp Guided Tour and learn more about the history of the concentration and extermination camp thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

Enter the Auschwitz Concentration Camp and the Birkenau Extermination Camp, both within walking distance, together with an authorized local guide. Take advantage of a skiptheline ticket to skip very long lines where possible.

Go through the gate of Auschwitz I where you can read the slogan “Arbeit Macht Frei” which means “work sets you free” and get to know the history of the concentration camp. Visit the brick barracks and block 11, a place of torture, together with an authorized local guide. It was also the first place where the first attempts to exterminate people with hydrogen cyanide were made. Discover the crematorium oven and the gas chamber among the best preserved in Poland.

The guided tour continues towards Auschwitz II, the Extermination Camp of Birkenau where over a million people died. Walk along the barracks and visit the ruins of the crematorium ovens and gas chambers that were destroyed by the Nazis in a vain attempt to deny their existence. The private tour ends with a visit to the Memorial

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