Assisi Walking Tour

Assisi, the homeland of San Francesco, is undoubtedly the cradle of Christian spirituality but also a place rich of history: book an Assisi Walking Tour with a professional tour guide and don’t miss even one of the wonders and hidden corners of this enchanting city! Climb Mount Subasio and explore Assisi, the most famous pilgrimage site in Italy, with a private tour guide ready to dedicate all his attention to you. Enjoy a stroll through the picturesque streets, charming squares and the panoramic views of the medieval village, with its buildings made by stones of a pink and romantic color: it’ll almost seem to be in a town of fairy-tales. Follow in the footsteps of San Francesco and other important figures of Christianity by visiting the Basilica of St. Francis, embellished with gorgeous frescoes by Giotto, and the Basilica of St. Claire, one of the most beautiful architectures in the city, but also the other main sanctuaries such as the Oratory of St. Francis Piccolino, the ancient Cathedral of St. Rufinus and the Church of St. Damian, with its splendid cloister where to find peace and relax. Discover the evidence of the past thanks to your local expert guide, who knows all the hidden wonders of the city: the Roman forum with the archaeological museum or the rich domus such as that of the poet Properzio, hidden in the undergrounds, the Temple of Minerva, the stunning walls of the Roman amphitheater. Your guide will also tell you about the Rocca Maggiore, dominating Assisi since more than 800 years, which has been the residence of Emperor Frederick II of Swabia. On Evolved Guide, each guide has customized his/her Assisi Walking Tour according to his/her experience and knowledge, creating for you different itineraries with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Check the list below and choose the one that best suits your interests! Go home with the unique experience of your Evolved Guide certified tour guide!

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