The Roman City of Aosta Guided Tour

Discover Aosta by joining the The Roman City of Aosta Guided Tour and learn more about the history of the city thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide.

Aosta is located in a valley surrounded by mountains and it was already inhabited in protohistoric times by a population of megalithic culture. The Roman domination took place shortly after the end of the second Punic war, when Romans used the Alps as a bulwark against the barbarian invasions. When Gaul was conquered, Augustus had a roman consular road built in Aosta which connected the Po Valley and Gaul. Built on the model of the Roman military camp, Augusta Praetoria Salassorum, today Aosta, was born. The tour of the Roman city of Aosta is a private walking tour that includes the four main attractions connected with the Roman domination of the city: The Roman Theater, the Forensic Cryptoporticus, the Paleochristian Church of San Lorenzo and the Regional Archaeological Museum. Travel back in time thanks to the expert local guide’s explanations. Discover the Roman Theater of Aosta, built in 25 a. C., shortly after the foundation of the city. Listen to what your private guide has to say about this amphitheater dating back to the time of Emperor Claudius. The walking tour continues to the Forensic Cryptoporticus, an underground structure that is still believed to have been used as an ambulatory and later as a military depot. Another stop is the Paleochristian Church of San Lorenzo, which was a necropolis in Roman times and even after the advent of Christianity. At the beginning of the fifth century, a basilica was built where the first Aosta bishops were buried. The private tour ends with a visit to the Regional Archaeological Museum, whose rooms display significant evidence of the presence of man in the Aosta Valley, from Prehistory to the Middle Ages. Your authorized private guide will tell you the history of the most important finds kept inside the museum.

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