Ancona Walking Tour

Ancona is renowed for its ‘marine’ beauty and its picturesque historic centre. Meet this enchanting city throught an Ancona Walking Tour in the company of a professional tour guide by Evolved Guide! Ancona has an immense artistic and cultural heritage: your private tour guide is going to organize for you the best guided tour of Ancona by which you’ll see the most important attractions, but you’ll also discover curiosities and hidden places that most visitors normally miss. In your journey you’ll not skip the landmark of Ancona: the Cathedral of St. Cyriacus, completely built with the white stone of Mount Conero, with its splendid ship-hull spahed roof and the square from which you can enjoy a breathtaking panorama on the sea. Surely you’ll visit the port, where you can still admire the Arch of Trajan, here erected to celebrate the emperor in Roman times. Ask your guide to tell you more about the stunning Mole Vanvitelliana, rising on an island of the port with a particular pentagonal shape. You’ll also see other places of interest: the relief façade of the Church of St. Mary of the Square and its IV century mosaics, the frescoes by Tiziano and Guercino in the Church of San Domenico, the stairway of the Church of San Francesco alle Scale. Or maybe the ruins of the Roman amphitheatre, the archaeological finds in the Marche National Museum, the Palace of the Elders where in Medieval times the city council was based. Or again, the Civic Pinacoteque rich of masterpieces and the Senate Palace, with its mullioned windows and blue glazing. Discover Ancona with the eyes of a local expert guide. On Evolved Guide each guide has customized his/her Ancona Walking Tour according to his/her own experience and knowledge, creating different itineraries with different attractions, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Choose from the list below the one you prefer! Go back home with the unique experience of your certified tour guide by Evolved Guide!

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