Free Museum Week in Rome. Don’t miss the chance!

Free Museum Week in Rome in March

Italian culture ministry opens doors of state museums and archaeological sites in Rome for free during the Museum Week (Settimana dei Musei), from 5-10 March 2019. Plus, this free museum week is preceded by a free museum Sunday on 3 March. More infos can be found on the official website, or by following the hashtags #IoVadoAlMuseo and #SettimanaDeiMusei.

Colosseum and Palatino Hill are free too

Colosseum and Palatino Hill will be free, too! To avoid those infinite lines, though, you can kill time while learning and having fun thanks to Ancient&Recent Colosseum Tours. The Virtual Reality Experience will cost just 15 Euros (10 Euros for kids). Find more on Ancient&Recent website. Are you ready to go back in time where everything started?

Free Museums and Gardens in Rome

Did you know that Galleria Borghese is placed in a beautiful heart-shaped garden? Did you know that Hadrians’ Villa (Villa Adriana), the marvelous retreat for Roman Emperor Hadrian, is free during the Free Museum Week? It is a great chance to visit our city and enjoy these wonderful days with our certified guides! Get access to museums and sites for free, while enjoying what our guides will tell you about the places you’re visiting. It’s a dream!

Our Certified Guides and their Tours

Marco Giaccheri, Tours in English and Italian

Marco Giaccheri is a Certified Tourist Guide and he will take you to the very heart of Ancient Rome! From Colosseum to Roman Forum and Palatine Hill, Marco will be a great tour guide during this Museum Week. Book a tour with Marco Giaccheri!

Mohamed Darwish, Tours in Arabian, English and Italian

Mohamed Darwish is a Certified Tourist Guide. He speaks Arabian, English and Italian. Our choice for this Museum Week? His tour of Villa D’Este and Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli. A great way to enjoy Rome, the surroundings and the art between Ancient Rome and Renaissance. Book a tour with Mohamed Darwish now!   hadrian's villa

Margherita Tabanelli, Tours in Spanish, English and Italian

¿Hablas español? No problem, Margherita is fluent in Spanish, English and – of course – Italian. She is a great Evolved Guide (and a Certified Tour Guide) and she will take you along the fascinating Appian Way, a path from Roman Empire to Medieval Rome. A dive into Ancient Rome, far from the more known paths. Book a tour with Margherita Tabanelli now!