Guided Tour of Cluj-Napoca

Discover one of the most important cities in Romania, located in Transylvania, the most important region in the whole country, together with our Guided Tour of Cluj-Napoca.

The foundation of the city of Cluj-Napoca dates back to Roman times, in the II AD. It has a multicultural heritage and buildings in different styles.

Cluj-Napoca is also famous for its wonderful river on which it was founded, the Somesul Mic River, which stretches for about 178 km.

Cluj-Napoca is currently the main economic center of north-west Romania and one of the main academic, cultural and industrial centers of the whole country. Not by chance it attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world.

Choose a Guided Tour of Cluj-Napoca and get to know the city and the main sights together with a local guide.

Cluj-Napoca is an important tourist destination and one of the main cities of Romania.

Its buildings, churches, squares and streets are in multicultural architectural style. This will make your visit to the city more exciting.

Book now a Guided Tour of Cluj-Napoca. Join a local guide and immerse yourself in the history of the city.

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Discover Cluj-Napoca by joining the Cluj-Napoca Walking Tour and learn more about the history of the city thanks to the commentary from an authorized local guide. Cluj-Napoca is >>
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