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A lively and mercantile city, Porto is the second most important city in Portugal after Lisbon. Visit the city of Porto with Evolved Guide on one of our Porto Guided Tours to discover the best attractions of the city with a certified professional guide

The city that perhaps contributed most of all to the greatness of Portugal, is the one that gave the name to the nation: Porto. It is a productive, dynamic and working city and its 12th century Cathedral, with its granite grandeur, sums up the local spirit. 

Coimbra sings, Braga prays, Lisbon boasts and Porto works. This ancient popular adage speaks volumes about the activism that reigns in this city. Here in 1394 Henry the Navigator was born, who thanks to a large fleet, contributed to the discovery of new lands as well as their conquest and expansion of the empire. 

The urban environment has remained almost unchanged since then, tall and narrow houses develop in depth and often the only light they enjoy is the one entering from the main door. The indefatigable city of Porto provided Enrico's imperialist dream with a huge construction site where the caravels of Diaz, Vasco da Gama and the Cabrals were built, which sailed the oceans in the 16th century and gave rise to formidable geographical discoveries. 

Let yourself be fascinated by this beautiful city. 

By choosing one of our Porto Guided Tours you will go on a journey full of color, history, design, religion, architecture, tradition and good food. You will discover the city with a Porto City Center Walking Tour and its best typical dishes accompanied by an excellent wine on one of our Porto Wine Walking Tour

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