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In one of his many famous songs Amelia Rodrigues sang the beauty of a Portuguese city: Coimbra.

You can't miss this city, one of the three most important in Portugal, with about 500,000,000 inhabitants, and the richest in history. 

Coimbra is perched on the slopes of a hill and is divided into two parts: the upper area consisting of the historical core; the lower area intended for shops and green spaces. Dominated by its ancient university, Coimbra is called the student city, but limiting its description to this would be unfair. With a fascinating appearance, it was built on a human scale, with a size that allows its inhabitants to stroll, meet for a coffee and let time pass quietly. The minutes are to be lived one by one. 

The city center is the fulcrum of city life and is characterized by a main street with a floor made up of numerous cubes of artistically laid black and white marble, overlooked by valuable buildings enriched with special coatings: the Azulejos. The street culminates in the square where the Santa Cruz Monastery stands with a rich sculptural decoration around the incongruous portal. 

Coimbra is a destination not to be missed. Art, culture, literature, history all you are looking for to make your trip unforgettable is here! 

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