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Visit Czestochowa, a city in southern Poland, by joining a Guided Tour of Czestochowa among those proposed by the authorized local guides of Evolved Guide.

Czestochowa is located in the Silesian Voivodeship and stands on the River Warta. It was one of the Eastern European cities with the greatest Jewish presence. When the Germans arrived in Czestochowa during the years of the Second World War, two monumental synagogues were destroyed and the Jewish inhabitants were concentrated in the Czestochowa Ghetto. They were condemned to forced labor and then transported to the extermination camp of Treblinka.

Today Czestochowa is one of the most important European pilgrimage destinations for its sanctuary called Jasna Góra, where the city's most famous painting is kept: The Black Madonna of Czestochowa. This well-known Catholic center of worship hosts over four million pilgrims a year.

Those who come to visit Czestochowa usually join a private tour of the main attractions of the city. In a few hours you can visit the city center and the main sights such as the historic center, the main monuments and above all Jasna Góra. Let an authorized local guide introduce you to the history of this unique place of worship and see the Madonna of Czestochowa, the objects of worship and of Polish history and the works of art of the past

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