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Why not visit Utrecht with Evolved Guide? Utrecht is a city of art, history and culture that has turned its pretty medieval appearence and its quietness into its most powerful strengths: with one of our Guided Tours in Utrecht you’ll fall in love at first sight!

Born in 47 AD as a military fortification of the Romans, Utrecht has been for a long time the main city of the Netherlands hosting important seats of the Dutch church. Even today, under the Cathedral, you can still explore the undergrounds, where ancient ruins bearing witness to Utrecht’s millennial history, ranging from the Roman times to the 17th century, are preserved. The old town of Utrecht, survived almost intact over the centuries, still wears today an incredible elegance: just have a walk along the picturesque Oudegracht, the Old Canal, and you’ll be enchanted by the refined façades of the buildings. Not everyone knows that by night historical palaces, bridges and alleys are illuminated by an extraordinary light-show curated by world-renowned artists, the Trajectum Lumen. The great tourist flows have not yet reached Utrecht and you can therefore enjoy the neighborhoods, canals and monuments in total relax, as if you were really a local rather than a visitor!

The licensed guides of Evolved Guide have carefully designed for you the best Guided Tours in Utrecht so you won’t miss even an inch of what is worth to see. Choose an Utrecht Walking Tour and discover this enchanting town of northern Holland: the historic centre with the canals, the Dam Church with the Dam Tower, the art collections in the Centraal Museum and in the Catharijneconvent and much more. Otherwise, you can venture just outside Utrecht and visit the magnificent De Haar Castle, the largest one in the Netherlands!

Remember that our guides are professionally trained local guides, so you’ll know information that normally cannot be found on the Internet on in books because they’re part of local stories, anecdotes and traditions.

Each Utrecht Walking Tour is moreover personalized by each guide on what concerns itineraries, duration, dates, departure times and prices: choose the perfect one for you and go back home with an unforgettable experience ensured by Evolved Guide!

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