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Enter the enchanting atmosphere of Luxembourg and visit the city of Trier with Evolved Guide on one of Trier Guided Tours.

Choose to participate in Trier City Center Walking Tour with a certified local guide and discover the beauty of this city.

Enter the city of Trier along the Roman bridge that crosses the Moselle river. It is the Römerbrücke, the oldest bridge still in use in the whole of Germany. Dates back to 45 AD!

Another testimony of the oldest history of the city is represented by the Porta Nigra always dating back to Roman times.

The long and millennial history of Trier can be observed through numerous buildings and ancient houses enriched with elegant decorations dating back to the Middle Ages. What are you waiting to visit it!

Walking through the streets of the village, look up and watch the curious bell tower of the church of San Gengolfo, or the Cathedral of Saint Peter, the oldest bishop's cathedral in Germany with a length of over 112 m and a width of 41 m.

Did you know that inside it holds the sacred tunic? The last garment that, according to Christian tradition, would have been worn by Jesus before his crucifixion.

Stroll through the fantastic streets of the city with a local guide and thanks to one of our Trier Guided Tours, admire the typical half-timbered houses that are part of the various architectural styles in the city. There is no shortage of baroque statues and fountains.

Especially for those who want to discover the city as they wish and when they wish, Evolved Guide has selected for you a variety of guided tours for families, individuals or groups to choose from, so that you can make sure that your experience is the one you've always dreamed of.

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Choose Evolved Guide and participate in a Trier City Center Walking Tour with a certified local guide. Did you know that the Milanese saint for excellence, Sant’Ambrogio, >>
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