Guided tour of Savona

Savona is a small town on a human scale. A guided tour in Savona is easily done in half a day given its reduced size, it is easily explored on foot, which makes it even more interesting from an artistic, cultural or gastronomic point of view.

Savona is the third largest city in Liguria by population, after Genoa and La Spezia, where it holds a beautiful and numerous variety of surprises to visit.

One of the icons and symbols of the city is the Priamar Fortress, located in the historical centre, was built in the 16th century by the Genoese to protect the city and during the course of history has performed various functions.

Another important monument of the city where you can see during your visit and guided tour of Savona is the Brandale Tower, a tower dating back to the 15th century whose original bell sounds for the city, whenever something special happens in Savona. Next to the tower there is a whole complex that is worth a visit and it is also a starting point to visit the historic centre of Savona.

As mentioned before, the city is characterized by its small size, which makes its old town can be turned well on foot, even walking from the sea to the alleys, among narrow streets and colorful buildings. This and much more awaits you in the small city of Liguria with its welcoming atmosphere.

During your visit in the city you can take a break and taste the 'Panizza' a typical dish of the city accompanied by another local specialty, the 'Chinotto'.

Visiting Savona will therefore be an excellent idea to spend a pleasant and relaxing day, offering the visitor the chance to discover all its hidden and unexpected attractions, able to surprise you both culturally and gastronomically.

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