Cuneo Guided Tours

Tired of city traffic and want to relax a little? Come and discover Cuneo with Evolved Guide. It will be love at first sight.

There are square cities, round cities, hexagonal cities, cities with irregular and capricious shapes, but there is one, perhaps the only one in the world, which is perfectly triangular: Cuneo.

The names of all cities have a meaning, but to understand it you need to resort to the help of etymologies. Cuneo instead means Cuneo and that's it. The fact of calling things by one's own name immediately tells us how honest, concrete and precise the inhabitants of Cuneo are.

It was founded 700 years ago and has grown century after century, developing more and more, up to its current size.

Follow the main course in the company of a certified local guide of Evolved Guide. You will almost feel like you are going through centuries of history, one after the other; to the right and to the left the centuries follow one another in the order of the books of a library.

Everything is perfectly cataloged in chronological order, the houses attached to each other with their richly and differently decorated facades, will allow you to understand in which era you are in that particular piece of road. Perhaps the nineteenth century, with the Liberty and Belle Epoque styles, or perhaps the twentieth century which is their typical post-war style.

What do you think about it? Are you curious?

Cuneo is a rich and orderly city, without frills and whims, so beautiful that it seems to be designed.

And then its squares, the streets of the center, its churches. Everything contains history and tradition, legends and characteristics.

Remember that every Tuesday in Piazza Galimberti, the main square of the city, the market takes place; a simple market with fruit, vegetable and junk stalls. Are you ready?

Enjoy one of our Cuneo Guided Tours and in the company of one of our certified local guides, relax and enjoy the sweet and silent atmosphere of the city of Cuneo.

Especially for those who want to discover the city, how they want it and when they want it, Evolved Guide offers a variety of private, family and group tours to choose from so that you can ensure that your experience is what you have always dreamed of .

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