Guided Tour of Novara

Treat yourself to a visit and a Guided Tour of Novara, a town of almost 105 thousand inhabitants, is the second most populous city in Piedmont after Turin.

The city is characterized by its contrast between the urban center and the surrounding countryside, so much so that the urban heart looks like a large civilized island.

Novara was founded in Roman times, the name formed by 'Nova' (which in Latin means 'new') and 'ara' (which always means 'altar').

The historical centre, characterized by its resistance to the ancient medieval cobbled streets, today bears the signs of its remarkable modernization works.

The city differs for its mixture of monuments of different historical periods, such as, for example, next to the buildings of the nineteenth century there are the testimonies of the Middle Ages, the Renaissance and the Baroque period, which follow one another in an exciting puzzle of historical moments.

In your visit and guided tour of Novara you will be able to see the wonders and buildings that symbolize it, starting with its neoclassical-style cathedral flanked by its Romanesque bell tower, built in the mid-nineteenth century, where it houses remarkable works of art, passing to its famous and symbol of the city, the neoclassical basilica of St. Gaudentius, characterized by the imposing dome pinnacle, designed by Alessandro Antonelli.

Novara therefore has a lot to offer to its visitors, perfect to be visited in a day, with its modest and small but concentrated historical centre where many ancient times have passed.

The best way to get to know a city is to be guided by a local person, and Evolved Guide proposes a beautiful walking tour with a local guide.

Book now your guided tour of the city with Evolved Guide and enjoy the wonders it offers.

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