Guided tour of Udine

Come and discover with Evolved Guides and with a guided tour, the city of Udine, considered the capital of the historic region of Friuli Venezia Giulia. Udine is located in the middle of the plain, enclosed between Veneto and Slovenia. It is a city rich in history, art and natural parks.

In the city of Udine there is certainly no lack of numerous squares, buildings and beautiful works of art to see, Piazza Libertà is undoubtedly one of the main attractions to see in the city, on the square there are the Loggia del Lionello, a splendid work in Venetian Gothic style dating back to 1400, the Loggia di San Giovanni and the Clock Tower, both sixteenth-century buildings.

From Piazza Libertà you can pass through Via Mercatovecchio, a typical Friulian shopping street, characterized by historic buildings such as: the Monte di Pietà and the Chapel of Santa Maria del Monte and the seventeenth-century Palazzo Bartolini.

Also worth a visit is Piazza San Giacomo, also known as Piazza delle Erbe for the market held there since 1800. Its characteristics are its central rise, where the market is held, and the arcades that surround it on three sides. But Udine is also the city of Tiepolo: second home, after Venice, of the greatest Italian painter of the eighteenth century.

During your guided tour of Udine, you will have the opportunity to see beyond the splendid square that Udine has, the city also boasts a wonderful castle and one of the main monuments of the city, the Castle of Udine. Over the centuries the construction of the castle was used as a fortified structure and then became a barracks. Currently the Castle is open to the public and houses the Civic Museums and Art and History Galleries of Udine.

Evolved guide with his local and expert guides offers a walking tour of Udine where they will show you all the characteristics of the city from the most typical streets and alleys to the most important squares and monuments. With Evolved guide, in addition to the walking tour of Udine, you will also have the opportunity to book a guided tour with an expert guide in the castle of Udine, as said before, the main symbol and monument of the city.

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