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Visit Ferrara, city of Emilia-Romagna, by joining a Guided Tour of Ferrara among those proposed by the authorized local guides of Evolved Guide.

Ferrara is recognized as UNESCO World Heritage Site for the Renaissance style of the city, for the Po delta park and for the “Delizie Estensi”.

Ferrara was the capital of the Duchy of Ferrara during the Estensi period. Therefore, it was an important political, artistic and cultural center. The aforementioned “Delizie Estensi” are places for leisure, relax and entertainment, which are suburban residences of the Este with economic, political, strategic and representative functions.

The urban development of the city took place during the Renaissanc. In fact, Ferrara is known today for the buildings erected by the Este, lords of the city, including the Estense Castle, the Palazzo dei Diamanti and the Cathedral of Ferrara. Moreover, Ferrara boasts the most important renaissance city planning known as the Addizione Erculea.

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