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Amalfi is a city in Campania located in an enchanting natural environment under very steep cliffs. Between the ninth and eleventh centuries Amalfi was the seat of a solid Maritime Republic.

Amalfi is the main geographical and historical center of the Amalfi Coast, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. It was founded by the Romans, in fact on its coat of arms you can read "Descendit ex patribus romanorum" and as already mentioned before, it is the first among the maritime republics in chronological order. For a long time, Amalfi fought for control of Mediterranean Sea against Pisa, Venice and Genoa, which were Italian maritime republics as well.

The Tables of Amalfi are very famous in Amalfi. They represented the Maritime Code in the Mediterrean and had a significant influence until the 17th century. They are the oldest Italian maritime statute. Today they’re still preserved in the Civic Museum inside the Town Hall of the city. Why not getting inside with an authorized local guide?

In Amalfi you can walk through the shops, enjoy a stroll on its characteristic promenade that border the seaside, and above all, join a private walking tour with an authorized local guide who leads you to discover the history of Amalfi through its most important attractions such as the famous Cathedral of Amalfi and museums such as the Arsenal Museum and the aforementioned Civic Museum.

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