Guided Tour of Lucca

Visit Lucca, a wonderful city in Tuscany, by joining a Guided Tour of Lucca among those proposed by the authorized local guides of Evolved Guide.

Lucca is full of history, art and culture. It’s the city that gave birth to Giacomo Puccini, one of the most important Italian composers, and it was one of the few cities that maintained its independence from Florence almost until the unification of Italy.

Lucca was founded by the Etruscans, and later passed into the hands of the Romans, but it experienced its period of major splendor in the 6th century under the Lombard rule.

Lucca is considered one of the main tourist cities in Tuscany since it still preserves the urban dimension of the sixteenth century thanks to its red brick walls.

A private walking tour therefore it’s a good idea for all those who want to travel back in time while walking through the narrow streets, the typical squares, the medieval houses and the Renaissance buildings of Lucca together with an authorized local guide.

Lucca is also considered a fundamental stop for all those who love shopping, drinking and eating. If after having immersed yourself in the history of the city thanks to a private walking tour you need some rest and relaxation, Evolved Guide recommends an aperitif in Piazza Anfiteatro, where you can enjoy a spritz, some cold cuts and local cheese in the famous square of Roman origin.

Choose Evolved Guide, the only platform where all the guided tours in Lucca are customized by our tour guides. Choose the tour depending on the itinerary, duration, departure time, price and offers. Evaluate the various proposals of our tour guides and choose the option that's right for you! Come home with a unique memory of the private tour of Lucca thanks to the Evolved-Guide Authorized Private Guide.

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