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Visit Spoleto with Evolved Guide! Perched on Sant’Elia hill and close to the spring of the Clitunno river, Spoleto is a fascinating uphill medieval town full of art, architecture and archeology: choose one of our Guided Tours of Spoleto and get ready to discover it!

The origins of Spoleto date back to well before it became a flourishing Medieval town at the head of the powerful and prestigious Duchy of Spoleto: not only the traces left by the Romans are still visibile here and there, but within the city-walls a necropolis of the Umbrians was discovered, with very rich grave-goods already speaking about an aristocratic society of warrior-chiefs. Spoleto is not far from the wonderful Valnerina, an ancient land of vineyards and breathtaking landscapes which in the Middle Ages was the fulcrum of the Duchy and today hides enchanting villages, in addition to the ancient tastes of Umbrian tradition.
Goethe visited Spoleto during his trip to Italy and got fascinated by the ability of the city to preserve its heritage: “for the third time I see a work built by the ancients, and the feel of grandeur it’s always the same” he wrote referring to the Bridge of Towers, the symbol-monument of Spoleto. Exactly what is going to happen to you when you’ll saw it!

The licensed guides of Evolved Guide have carefully designed for you the best Guided Tours of Spoleto so you won’t miss even an inch of what is worth to see! Book a Spoleto Walking Tour and immerse in the chivalrous, Medieval atmosphere of the city: admire the magnificent Bridge of Towers, the Albornoz Fortress with its museum telling the history of the Duchy, the Roman theatre, the precious frescoes in the Cathedral and many other monuments scattered in the historic centre.

Also remember that our guides are professionally trained local guides, so you’ll know information that normally cannot be found on the Internet or in books because they are part of local stories, anecdotes and traditions.

Each Spoleto Walking Tour is moreover personalized by each of our guides on what concerns itineraries, durations, departure times and prices. Find the perfect one for your and go back home with an unforgettable experience ensured by Evolved Guide!

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In Spoleto you are going to find Roman ruins, medieval buildings and Renaissance paintings in perfect harmony. Evolved Guide offers you the chance to book a Spoleto Walking Tour: >>
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