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Why not visit Isernia with Evolved Guide? Located in the heart of Molise, Isernia is a surprising city with a millennial history you’ll appreciate a lot once you get know it with our Guided Tours in Isernia!

The strategic position along an ancient road of transhumance meant that Isernia had been inhabited by man since the Paleolithic age. Before being conquered by Rome it was an important city of the Samnites, a population of warriors and shepherds who in ancient times inhabited the highlands of Molise – their most incredible evidence is today the Sanctuary of Pietrabbondante, which is surely going to blow your mind! In Middle Ages Isernia was located on a road of great importance and close to the river Volturno’s valley, where the powerful Abbey of San Vincenzo al Volturno stood. Over the centuries it became one of the most prosperous cities: right here the famous and controversial Pope Celestine V was born in 1209, to whom the main square is dedicated.

The licensed guides of Evolved Guide have carefully designed for you the best Guided Tours in Isernia so you won’t miss even an inch of what is worth to see! Choose an Isernia Walking Tour and visit the historic centre of the city with its monuments such as the Cathedral, keeping the ruins of an ancient Roman temple in the undergrounds, and Celestine V’s square with the Fraternal Fountain, but also the National Museum of Paleolithics hosting a 700,000 years ago human settlement. Otherwise, discover the hidden beauties of Isernia’s territory with a Guided Tour of Pietrabbondante, Agnone and San Vincenzo al Volturno which will lead you between wonderful archaeological sites, fairy villages and art treasures!

Also remember that our guides are professionally trained local guides, so you’ll know information that normally cannot be found on the Internet on in books because they are part of local stories, anecdotes and traditions.

Each Isernia Walking Tour and Guided Tour of Pietrabbondante, Agnone and San Vincenzo al Volturno is moreover customized by each guide on what concerns itineraries, duration, dates, departure times and prices. Find the perfect one for you and go back home with an unforgettable experience ensured by Evolved Guide!

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Isernia is the city you don’t expect. Tourists who decide to book an Isernia Walking Tour are looking for non-conventional itineraries where the beauty of Appennine’s >>
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