Gallipoli Guided Tour

If you are looking for a place where art and nightlife can be perfectly combined, there is only one place where you can go: Gallipoli.

Located in the splendid Salento, Gallipoli will conquer you with its incredible views. To fully enjoy the beauty of Gallipoli, choose our Gallipoli Guided Tour together with Evolved Guide certified local guide.

The city has a unique territory, full of history and culture and with a crystal clear sea. The city is the place for summer fun par excellence: tourists from all over the world come here to have fun. But if you think there is only night life, you are wrong: in fact Gallipoli is a city full of extraordinary monuments. During your Gallipoli guided tour you will see the magic of this city.

Its Roads are very interesting: if the road is uphill you go towards the center, if the road is downhill you go towards the sea. This way you always know where to go. Following the narrow streets of the historic center you will arrive in front of the city's Cathedral, the Cathedral of S. Agata, and admire the beautiful Greek Fountain. When you are on the sea you will see the wonderful Angevin-Aragonese Castle that dominates the view and will capture your gaze. Remember to taste the exquisite local cuisine that you will not find in any other area of Italy. When you come to Salento you will realize how hospitable this land is and you fall in love with it, we are sure.

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