Taranto Guided Tour

According to Pier Paolo Pasolini «Taranto is a perfect city. Living there is like living inside a shell, an open oyster. Here Taranto new, there, crowded, Taranto old, around the two seas, and the promenades ». When you come to Taranto you can only confirm the affirmation of the great writer and director. Choose your Evolved Guide certified local guide who will introduce you to the secrets of the city during the Taranto Guided Tour.

The sea for Taranto is life: it was founded thanks to the sea and it has always had great importance in the history of the Mediterranean for its strategic position. It is precisely because of its geographical position that it was chosen by the Spartans to found the only spartan colony.

With your local guide you will make an extraordinary journey to discover the history of the city of Taranto. A story that begins in the eighth century BC and that continues uninterrupted until today. For centuries its port has been a crossroads of peoples and cultures. To understand the past of the city it is absolutely necessary to visit the MarTa, the Archaeological Museum of Taranto, where some of the most important finds of the whole history of Magna Grecia are preserved. Walk through its bridges, stroll through its streets and discover its most hidden corners: Taranto is ready to surprise you.

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Explore the city of the two seas with our Taranto walking tour. With our Evolved Guide expert local guide you will learn the whole history of the only colony of the great Greek >>
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