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If you are in Puglia you cannot miss the wonderful Trani: discover it with our Trani Guided Tour together with our Evolved Guide local tourist guide. The city is worldwide famous for the Cathedral of San Nicola Pellegrino, the saint of the city. Built near the sea, it almost seems that the church was built to protect the city, its citizens and its sea. When we talk about the Cathedral of Trani we speak almost of three churches in one: it was in fact an early Christian basilica in the V century d.C., in 1099 the construction of the cathedral basilica begins with the construction of a first crypt (one of the largest and brightest in the world) and subsequently a second church is added. It is certainly a unique building in the world that you absolutely must see.

You will be enchanted to see how the blue of the sea reflects the pure white of the Trani stone, the local building material that you will find used throughout the city (Trani stone is also exported all over the world).

Stroll through the narrow alleys of the city, a real labyrinth carved between the white stone, so white that it dazzles. We also recommend that you take a walk on its marvelous promenade.

And don't leave Trani without tasting its wine, the renowned Moscato di Trani.

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