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Have you ever visited a medieval castle? Castel del Monte is ready to make you live this incredible experience. With our Castel del Monte Guided Tour you can will see an imperial residence together with your Evolved Guide local tour guide. Built by the emperor Frederick II of Swabia, the so-called stupor mundi, the castle stands on top of a hill at 540 m above sea level and dominates the surrounding area: undoubtedly its position is strategic as it controls the lands under its own domain and above all inspires fear in those who look at him from the slopes of the hill. The castle has incredible dimensions: it is 23 m high and 40 m in diameter and has unique geometries. What strikes the viewer is the recurrence of the number 8: the external structure has an octagonal plan, as the internal courtyard, the towers are eight and they have an octagonal plan. This geometric shape was particularly important for the emperor, so much so that his crown was octagonal: it is therefore possible that this castle, like his crown, was the symbol of his power.

The castle has been included in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites and is one of the most important Italian monuments: it is not a coincidence that it is represented on Italian 1 cent coins. Explore its rooms with your guide who will explain all the secrets that the castle hides within its walls.

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On the hills of Andria, at 540 m above sea level, stands the majestic Castel del Monte, which dominates the landscape with its imposing appearance: explore it with our Evolved >>
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