Polignano a Mare Guided Tour

30 km far from Bari, the city of Polignano a Mare will surprise you with its unique scenarios: will explore one of the most beautiful places in the world with our Evolved Guide local tourist guide during the Polignano a Mare Guided Tour. The city is known all over the world for being the home town of the great Domenico Modugno: perhaps he thought of the sea and the sky of Polignano when Mister Volare sang "Nel blu dipinto di blu". To the famous singer the city named the promenade and it also dedicated a beautiful statue to him.

Walking with our guide you can discover the whole history of the extraordinary city, from the first traces dated to the Neolithic until today. Admire its historic center, built on the cliff, about 35 m high, which is reflected in the wonderful Apulian sea. Also remember to pass through the Arch Marchesale, the ancient entrance to the city, which in the mid-1500s was surmounted by a church. Today it separate the old part of the city from the new one.

Do not miss the opportunity to admire the Lama Monachile, the symbol of Polignano a Mare: this place is unique in the world and, for this reason, the city has been selected as the Italian stop of the Red Bull Cliff Driving, the international diving competition from great heights, which every year gathers thousands and thousands of people in the small village, among athletes and tourists.

We also suggest you to remain in Polignano a Mare for dinner: you can taste the exquisite local Apulian cuisine.

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