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In the province of Palermo there is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy: Cefalù. Together with our Evolved Guide local guide, you can go back in time and discover the history of the city and its beauties. The city has a strong relationship with the sea and so many people have passed here, and it was one of the main cities of Sicily, worthy of hosting the remains of the first king of Sicily, Roger II. He was responsible for building the church. According to the legend king Roger II, who came from Naples, during a sea voyage he came across a storm; fearing for his life he knelt and promised that he would build a place of worship in the place where he would land safely. The landing place was just Cefalù. The city is famous all over the world for the Cathedral of Cefalù which, with its mosaics, is a Unesco World Heritage Site. It is a real fortress church: in fact it included bell towers built as mighty lookout towers over the sea; on the roofs there are battlements like all medieval castles. So it had to be a place to take refuge in the event of a siege. Many people of different cultures (Arabs, Byzantines, locals, etc.) contributed to its realization: the mixture of the various styles used for its realization is evident in its architecture.

But Cefalù has much more to offer you: in addition to the cathedral, in fact, you can admire the rich historic center with its narrow streets reminiscent of the medieval ones. Enjoy its wonderful landscapes and dive into its crystal-clear water. It will be an unforgettable experience.

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If you are in Sicily you absolutely cannot miss Cefalù: let yourself be guided by our Evolved Guide local guide during the Cefalù walking tour. This splendid city will conquer >>
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