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Between Trapani and Palermo there is an ancient city that is ready to tell you its story: Segesta. Discover its past with our Evolved Guide certified local guide with our Segesta Guided Tour. According to tradition, the city was founded by Trojan fugitives, according to Virgil even by Aeneas, and its name derives from the name of the nymph Egesta who welcomed Aeneas. Segesta was built on the top of Monte Barbaro, in a strategic position to defend yourself from enemies and control the surrounding areas. It was the biggest rival of Selinunte and contributed to its destruction, which took place at the hands of the Carthaginians. In the Roman period, between the II and I BC, Segesta was rescheduled and experienced a new period of development. The most famous monument is undoubtedly the Doric Temple, one of the most perfect monuments that have come down to us since antiquity. The majestic temple is located in an area above a valley, on top of a hill, so as to dominate all the surrounding lands. But the temple remained unfinished: our guide will tell you the secrets of its construction and why it is a unique temple in the world. The other important monument of the city is the theater, built according to the Greek tradition, therefore taking advantage of the natural slope of the land. Sit in the stands and enjoy the view of the valley below and the sea: the landscape will leave you speechless.

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