Piazza Armerina Guided Tour

Located in the heart of Sicily, Piazza Armerina is called the "City of Mosaics and the Palio dei Normanni": discover its secrets with the Piazza Armerina Guided Tour. It houses one of the greatest jewels of Roman art, the Villa Romana del Casale. Tourists from all over the world come here to admire it, so much so that it is one of the most visited cities on Sicily. With our Evolved Guide local tourist guide you will see the Roman Villa, a UNESCO Heritage Site, a unique archaeological site: the house almost entirely preserves the original mosaic pavement. But Piazza Armerina has many wonder.    
The city in fact preserves a Baroque historical center; the building that dominates the center is the majestic Cathedral, located in Piazza Duomo. It is a very particular structure in that different architectural styles are mixed, since its construction, which began in 1601, lasted more than 200 years. It has a large dome more than 76 m high and with a diameter of almost 14 m.          
Walking through the alleys of the city you immerse yourself in the past of the city: Piazza Armerina has a magical atmosphere, made of history and culture.       
The city really has a lot to offer to its visitors because time seems to stand still here.
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