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Be amazed by the wonderful city with the Syracuse Guided Tour. Together with our Evolved Guide certified local guide you will explore the splendid city which Cicero describes as "the largest and most beautiful Greek city". And it really is like this. Siracuse is an incredible place where history is mixed with myth. It would have been founded by the Corinthians in 734-733 BC. and its first nucleus would have been the island of Ortigia. The island, undoubtedly chosen for its natural characteristics that allow it to be a strategic place, has always evoked immense charm, especially because of the legend of Arethusa.           
Over the centuries Syracuse has been the home of various personalities who influence our lives: first of all the inventor Archimedes, considered among the greatest scientists and mathematicians in history. He was born here and died here in 212 BC. According to tradition, his tomb is located inside the current Archaeological Park of Neapolis. And right inside the archaeological site you will see some of the beauties of Syracuse: your guide will make you see the most famous places but also the lesser known areas, to let you know every aspect of the city.          
Another important personality of the city is certainly Saint Lucia, the patron saint of the city, to whom three churches are dedicated (one of them is the beautiful Cathedral).             
Syracuse is a treasure trove of works of art. In fact, not everyone knows that in the church of Santa Lucia alla Badia, in Piazza Duomo, you can admire the work of Caravaggio which represents the burial of Lucia.       
To discover all the beauties of the city you just have to visit it.       
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