Taormina Guided Tour

Are you looking for the perfect mix of art, culture, food and breathtaking landscapes? Taormina is the place for you. Discover its beauty with our Taormina guided tour. Our Evolved Guide certified local tour guide will make you to discover one of the most important site of international tourism. Taormina is stunning: unique scenarios, archeology, art history, food and wine and history. Located in the province of Messina, Taormina is a magical place you will never forget. Probably the most fascinating monument is the Greco-Roman theater or ancient theater. The incredible structure perfectly preserves its cavea while the central part of the scene is damaged. But its charm is precisely what is no longer there: the central part, which has collapsed over the centuries, almost seems to want to open up to the landscape, with the gulf and with Etna. If in ancient times it was the place of theatrical and musical performances, for over 60 years it has been used as an outdoor room for the Taormina film festival. Here, in fact, the greatest Hollywood movie stars have been awarded.
People come from all over the world to see such beauty.   
Let yourself be conquered by the magic of the city. With our Taormina walking tour you will see all its riches. And then the warm welcome of its citizens will make you feel at home.
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If you are in Sicily you cannot miss our Taormina walking tour with our Evolved Guide certified tourist guide, registered with the Sicilian Region. The city is a real pearl of the >>
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