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Come and discover the second most visited city in Hungary in one of our Pecs Guided Tours with a locale certified guide of Evolved Guide.

The city of Pecs is very fascinating and it is no coincidence that it was European Capital of Culture in 2020.

The history of the city begins in prehistoric times, a city that later became under the Roman name in the second century A.D. and also under the name of the Turkish Empire, that's why in Pècs there are many monuments with all different structures.

The city also boasts one of the few Roman necropolises outside Italy, the fascinating early Christian cemetery with its artistically painted underground funeral chambers, which has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In 1543 the city was under the rule of the Turkish Ottoman Empire, during which they introduced minarets and Turkish baths. In fact, one of the monuments that have remained to this day and symbol of the city is the Pasha Gazi Kaszim Mosque with a dome 23 meters high, which today has become a Catholic place of worship.

Visiting this city is like going back to the past centuries and live on your skin the experience of seeing different cultures with their customs and traditions, the atmosphere that you live in this small city will make your visit pleasant and relaxing.

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