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Croatia is famous all over the world for its sea but not everyone knows how historically rich it is. Travel through time with a local tour guide and explore the beautiful city of Pula with the Pula Guided Tour. For discovering the historic capital of Istria Evolved Guide offers you an exciting Pula Walking Tour during which you can stroll through the historical center of the city and reconstruct the past together and an expert guide.

The city was an important Roman colony and was part of the Regio X Venetia et Histria. Tangible evidence of its ancient greatness are its monuments. The most important, the symbol of the city, is definitely the Pula Arena, the large amphitheater built by the first emperor Augustus and enlarged by Vespasian, the emperor who started the construction of the Colosseum. The state of conservation of the structure is impressive: in fact it is a conservation of a Roman arena best preserved in the world. In ancient times the building was a place of gladiator shows, exactly like the Colosseum, while today the Amphitheater hosts cultural events such as concerts and theatrical performances. The Pula Film Festival has been held in this splendid setting since 1954.

In addition to the Arena there is another show building: this is the Pula small roman theatre that uses the natural slope of the hill to build its own auditorium.

But in Pula there are many other monuments to admire. Walk along the Roman Forum where you can find the beautiful Temple of Augustus and Rome and the Arch of the Sergii .

If you want to know what to see in Pula and don't want to miss its most beautiful places, choose Evolved Guide: it will be an unforgettable experience.

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