Dubrovnik Guided Tour

Admire one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, listed by Forbes magazine among the 50 best destinations in the world to see at least once in a lifetime. Add it to your wish list and visit it together with Evolved Guide during the Dubrovnik Guided Tour: choose from our proposals and select your Evolved Guide certified local tourist guide.

To discover its thousand hidden treasures we recommend a Dubrovnik Walking Tour: a pleasant walk through the streets of the city during which your local guide will explain to you its history and its symbolic monuments. Thanks to a compelling story of its extraordinary past and a well-studied itinerary you will be able to discover the best of Dubrovnik.

The city has a thousand-year history that is well expressed by its historical center, the Old Town: its Renaissance, Gothic and Baroque monuments tell the story of the past of the independent republic (lasting for more than 800 years, until 1808). But the most famous attraction of Dubrovnik are certainly its walls, which are entirely passable for almost 2 km: from the ramparts of the city you can see the most important monuments of the city from above, offering you an original and evocative point of view.

For all the Game of Thrones fans, we have thought of a tour of the most memorable locations in the series: explore this extraordinary place with the Guided Tour from Dubrovnik to King's Landing to discover interesting places and background of your favorite TV series. Game of Thrones has radically changed the life of the city: following the airing of the HBO show, the city has experienced a new spring.

Dubrovnik will impress you with its colors: the blue of the sea, the white of its buildings, the orange of its roofs. These colors blend perfectly and will remain indelible in the memories of your holidays in Dubrovnik. To better appreciate this panorama we recommend you take the cable car: in a few minutes you will find yourself on the top of Mount Srd overlooking the city and from which you can admire an incredible natural landscape. See also the beautiful island which is located in front of Dubrovnik, the island of Locrum. Take your time to turn your gaze to the sea and lose yourself in its infinity.

If you want to know what to see in Dubrovnik and don't want to miss its most beautiful places, choose Evolved Guide: it will be an unforgettable experience.

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#8220;If you want to see paradise on earth, come to Dubrovnik“. This is how George Bernard Shaw described this extraordinary city, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in >>
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For a fan seeing the places of their favorite TV series would be a dream but, with Evolved Guide, your desire can come true: choose the Guided Tour from Dubrovnik to King’s >>
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