Thessaloniki Guided Tour

Are you looking for a city rich in history, with wonderful views and typical Greek cuisine? Your search is over: come to Thessaloniki. An Evolved Guide local guide will accompany you through his extraordinary history and traditions and he/she will escort you on a Thessaloniki Guided Tour. The second largest city in Greece is a real melting pot: among others, Ottomans, Byzantines, Romans lived and all these peoples have left their mark on the urban fabric of Thessaloniki. The city is the capital of the Macedonia region and owes its name to the daughter of the Macedonian king Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. There are many monuments to visit in the city and you will be spoiled for choice: remains of Roman buildings, Byzantine churches, ancient and neoclassical houses. Often, when there are so many things to admire, you can get lost. This is why we recommend our Thessaloniki Walking Tour: choose the one that best suits your needs and interests. See the white tower, the most famous monument in Thessaloniki: located on the city's waterfront, the vision of this building is a must. It would be like going to Rome without seeing the Colosseum or like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower.

Also visit the very important Byzantine and early Christian churches, named World Heritage by UNESCO.

And don't forget to taste the traditional local cuisine: street food is so important for the city that an event has been created to celebrate it, the Thessaloniki Street Food Festival.

On our Evolved Guide platform, the Thessaloniki Guided Tour is customized by each of our tourist guides according to the itineraries, durations, departure times, prices and offers. Search among the proposals and choose the tourist guide that's right for you.

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