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If you are passionate about history, magic and mystery you cannot miss Delphi: discover it together with an Evolved Guide local tourist guide with the Delphi Guided Tour.

According to legend Zeus launched two eagles into the sky, one in the East and one in the West, and after having traveled around the world they met here in Delphi: for this reason the city is defined as the center of the world. And right here people came, from every corner of the Greek world, to discover their future. After facing a long journey they reached the Sanctuary of Apollo where there was the Pythia, the priestess of the god, who revealed the future of men through sibelline phrases.

The word of the oracle, being an expression of the divine will, was considered sacred, therefore everyone went to Delphi before carrying out any important action: founding a city, waging a war, etc. To do this actions men must ask the permission to the god who, through his intermediaries, expressed himself in a favorable or contrary way.

But in Delphi there was not only the Oracle. Just as in Olympia there were the Olympic Games, in Delphi there were the Pythic Games, musical, poetic and sports competitions. To host these very important events in Delphi, a grandiose theater was built, which could hold 5000 people, and a stadium, with a capacity of 7000 people.

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