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Discover with Evolved Guide the city of York, its architecture, its history and its culture, live in one of our York Guided Tours a lively, sunny, mysterious city, in the company of a certified local guide.

Ready for a trip to discover the Vikings? This population had its greatest expression in the town of York, about 1000 years ago and their testimonies are still present today.

Founded by the Romans in 71 AD with the name of Ebocarum, it became the capital of the Roman province of Britannia Inferior. It was during the Middle Ages that it developed as the best commercial center in the country becoming the capital of the northern ecclesiastical province. Role that still plays today. With the contemporary age there was an urban reorganization of the city, with the construction of new industrial buildings taking the place of the ancient medieval villages.

The Cathedral and its adjacent Castle are the manifestation of a past still present, of a powerful and flourishing architecture typical of the medieval age.

The city of York preserves its history inside with extraordinary accuracy and jealousy. With one of our tour guides you will not miss the Shambles, the famous medieval street with its wooden frame houses, or one of the most beautiful streets in York, Stonegate, where you can admire a devil at number 33: this was the brand of the printers, since their apprentices were called printer's devil.

Discover the disturbing mysteries of the city, the ghosts that hide behind the walls: the Gray Lady, the headless Count, the ghosts of the Roman legionnaires, seasoned stories of death, horror and tragedy thanks to the stories of our local tour guide.

Do not miss one of our York Guided Tours, our task is to make each of your stay unforgettable by always adding something more, to meet your every need.

Above all, for those who want to discover, how they want and when they want, the city, Evolved Guide offers a variety of tours for families, individuals or groups to choose from so that you can ensure that your experience is exactly what you have always dreamed.

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