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Are you ready for an unforgettable trip? Whether you are alone or with your partner or with yourfamily, Cologne is one of the obligatory stops for a trip to Germany. Discover with Evolved Guide what to see in Cologne and plan a trip to the fullest, carefully choosing what to do and what to seeon one of our many Cologne Guided Tours with a local guide
Cologne is a city open to joy and above all to love. The exploration of a magnificent city beginsunder the banner of fun, creativity and art. 

Observe how, along the banks of the Rhine river, the most beautiful and important fortresses in the country have arisen, and even today contemporary architecture finds its maximum expression here. 

Always a place of great exchanges, Cologne, during the last centuries has seen its Germanicorigin intertwine with the social influences of the neighboring regions. 

For this reason, in the eyes of the visitor it is characterized as the least German and the mostEuropean among the major cities of Germany. 
From the river it is possible to enjoy a perfect mix of styles that characterizes the city frommedieval fortresses to the most contemporary and modern buildings. 
With the musical and fun atmosphere, let yourself be flooded with the magic that the city has tooffer you after sunset. Go on a Cologne's Pubs Tour: from the Hops to the Pint, taste one of Germany's best beers and hear its history. If you want to discover the city in the name of night and darkness, take part in the Once Upon a Time Walking Tour of Cologne's Myths and Legends
Especially for those who want to find out how they want and when they want, the city, Evolved Guide offers a variety of guided tours for families, individuals or groups to choose from so that you can ensure that your experience is exactly what you have. always dreamed. 
On our Evolved Guide platform, Cologne Guided Tours are customized by each ofour tourist guides: for itineraries, duration and offer prices. 
Search among the proposals and choose a tourist guide for you! 

Come back with a unique experience of one of our Cologne Guided Tours together with your Certified Tourist Guide of Evolved Guide

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