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Dresden is one of the most elegant cities in Germany and Europe. The waters of Elba, which cross the center, flow towards the North Sea and are furrowed by picturesque steamboats. Palaces, churches, theaters and other Baroque buildings overlook the river, built in the 1700s when the kingdom of Saxony was among the richest and most powerful in Central Europe. 

 Among the most characteristic monuments, the Semperoper stands out, the Opera house where 9 works by Strauss were performed for the first time, as well as numerous museums with a variety of works from classicism to the modern age, also including one of the most beautiful works of always: the Sistine Madonna of Raffaello. 

The elegance and quality of life of Dresden are not only discovered in the museums but walking through the eighteenth-century buildings of the Noida, on the northern bank of the Elbe, like the candles lit by tourists in the Frauenkirche Cathedral that recall the terrible bombing of the city that took place on February 13, 1945. 

It is a city that allows you to embark on a simple journey into the past and to understand this has led to the innovation and modernization of what appears before us in this era. A perfect mix of modern and past history, which is not so much past at all. 

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