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Frankfurt, the city of Germany, was built on the banks of the Main River and is now the seat of the European Central Bank. Its duplicity, on the one hand financial city and on the other the cradle of art and culture, is what distinguishes it from all other cities and makes it the cultural center of the entire region of Hesse with its theaters, galleries and art museums.

Its long history is testified by the buildings that break into the city, by the Gothic churches, by its Cathedral and by the small colored houses in the neighborhoods of the historic center.

Frankfurt: a city with a multiplicity of things to see on a human scale.

Visit in the company of a certified tourist guide the Romer district, the town hall, as well as the main square; the Main Tower, a huge skyscraper that takes its name from the river that bathes the city; Goethe House, birthplace of the great writer; the Cathedral; the Opera Museum; the Iron Bridge; the Museum of Modern Art and much more.

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