Guided Tour of Lucerne

Come and discover one of the most beautiful towns in Switzerland by joining the Guided Tour of Lucerne.

The small town is situated on Lake Lucerne and is characterized by extensive medieval-style architecture, which is still well preserved.

Together with your local guide you will have the opportunity to tour the town and discover all its curiosities and history. You will also have the opportunity to visit the most important monuments.

The town is famous for its numerous works and frescoes arranged in public between buildings and bridges, such as the frescoes of the famous Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrucke), a charming and romantic all-wood covered bridge which connects the two cities of Lucerne and with a very curious story behind it (have your guide tell you about it).

Another important attraction of the city is the Lion of Lucerne, a monument carved on a large rock commemorating the sacrifice of the Swiss guards massacred in 1792 during the French Revolution.

Continuing the Guided Tour of Lucerne through Lucerne, you will continue to discover the most important squares and churches of the old city, where you can take wonderful pictures, as Lucerne is considered one of the most photogenic cities in Switzerland.

This and much more awaits you on this wonderful Guided Tour of Lucerne to discover this fascinating city and its wonderful lake.

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