Guided Tour of Montreux

Come and discover the wonderful city located on Lake Geneva by joining the Guided Tour of Montreux.

Along Lake Geneva is another beautiful town, Montreux. An ideal destination for nightlife lovers, as this city has many casinos, pubs, clubs and famous hotels.

Together with the local guide you will take a walk through the city to discover its narrow streets, famous squares, buildings, monuments and all the main attractions it offers.

Among the main attractions you will see there is Chillon Castle, a historic building overlooking the lake dating back to the 12th century, which once was the residence of the Counts of Savoy.

The city is also famous for its many statues dedicated to the most famous historical figures, among the most important that you will see there is the statue of Freddie Mercury, the unmistakable British musician who made millions and millions of people around the world fall in love with its music.

The city of Montreux is therefore a destination not to be missed during your visit to Switzerland. By enjoying a Guided Tour of Montreux, you will spend a special day.

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