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Come and discover this delightful Swiss city by joining one of the Lausanne Guided Tours.

Being on the shores of Lake Geneva, the city offers a breathtaking view for any visitor. It is therefore an ideal destination for those looking for a quiet place that offers a breathtaking panorama, perhaps after visiting the city of Geneva, another wonderful city in Switzerland.

Together with a local guide you will walk through the streets of the city from the main ones to the smaller and more romantic ones. The city of Lausanne offers many photographic outlets, in fact it is considered one of the most photographed cities in Switzerland.

You will then be able to increase your photo album of wonderful places. Together with your local guide you will visit important places in the city such as the Cathedral of Lausanne, built in Gothic style with a tower that reaches about 200 meters high, where once you get on it you can admire the whole city from above, in a panorama single.

You will also discover together with your local guide, all the history of the city and all the curiosities of this place, which fascinates anyone who decides to visit it.

During your walk you will discover how this city is characterized by its mix of art, architecture in Gothic and medieval style and with its natural panorama between the greenery and the lake it overlooks.

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