Treviso guided walking tour

There is no better way to discover Treviso than a visit and a guided walking tour, known for its picturesque and romantic streets, Treviso offers much to its visitors from its monuments, squares and basilicas such as Piazza dei Signori, Treviso cathedral and fountains of tits (it represents a prosperous lady from whose breasts drinkable water flows. In the times of the ‘Serenissima’ the fountain used to draw white and red wine during special celebrations) and other monuments that will leave you amazed.

You will be enchanted by the simplicity and at the same time romantic atmosphere that you can breathe once you arrive in Treviso, so enjoy this visit and walking tour of the city in the company of a local guide who will suggest and tell you the wonderful stories of the small city of Veneto.

Let yourself be guided and involved in the small and wonderful Treviso where you will spend an unforgettable day. Evolved guide offers the possibility to do a one day walking tour in the city centre with our expert and local guide.

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