Guided tour of Verona

Visit the city of Verona fascinates every person who comes into contact with it, do not miss a guided tour where you will discover its monuments, its streets, its history and atmosphere and all its elements that make it unique. A city that is easy to get lost in its love perhaps because here love can be breathed at every corner.

In every corner of the city you can see elements that tell its millenary history from the Roman period to the Venetian period, from the Middle Ages to the Habsburg domination. Its historic centre has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO for its urban structure and its architecture, fascinating and romantic with its wonderful palaces, bridges over the river Adige and narrow streets full of people. From the most romantic balcony in the world, that of Juliet, to the wonderful squares and the spectacular Arena di Verona.

Continuing with the visit and the guided tour of the city you will find the main attractions that Verona offers, you will find Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza Bra, among the most beautiful squares in Italy, the first one is different for its mix of styles, history, scents and smells and in the center follows the ancient forum of the Roman city, while Piazza Bra is the beating heart of the city, immense and majestic with the Arena of Verona in the center, it is the third largest Roman amphitheater after the Colosseum and the Amphitheater of Capua. Built in the first century after Christ, the Arena, symbol of Verona, attracts millions of visitors every year, not only for its beauty and history, but also for the important events and concerts it hosts. Thanks to its elliptical shape, the Arena can now accommodate about 20,000 spectators.

A few meters from Piazza delle Erbe, walking along Via Cappello, one of the most beautiful streets of the city, you will find yourself in front of the famous house of Juliet. Before entering the courtyard you can see the walls covered with tickets and love letters left by lovers all over the world.

This is much more with evoled guides, book your tour now and choose your personal local guide and get ready for an unforgettable day in one of the most beautiful cities in Italy.

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